Principles of Good Listening
Audio Message 1: Listening

Unit 1 Divider Tab: Communication - Principles of Listening to Others

As we near the end of the first module we review the Principles of Listening in more detail.  Item 17, Use the Difference in Rate, points out that the rate of speech is about 100 - 150 words per minute and our rate of thinking is about 500 words per minute. I must admit that I too often use this difference to think about things not related to the discussion at hand. It is very hard to maintain focus on the speaker unless the topic is one which is of utmost interest to the listener.  Which takes me back to item 1 on this list - Want to Listen.  I guess all of the principles in the world are of little use unless we pay attention to this one. So this is the goal, just WANT to listen.


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