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Well, I've been pondering this small document for a number of days now.  If you are a serious student of AiA you really have to spend some time with James Allen's classic.  Written in 1902, it is still relevant today. And, you can easily see the impact it must have had on Bob Conklin as he created Adventures in Attitudes. You can see where "I Am Your Master" must have come from as well as the power behind many of the audio messages and activities in the program.

I am a bit ashamed to say it has been many years since I have read this from cover to cover and I regret not doing so at least once a year to remind myself of the simplicity and power of it. As I read through the text I am amazed at the number of current references of which it reminds me.  E.g. the quote, "a perfect compassion embraces both oppressor and oppressed" is totally in harmony with the work of Dr. Martin Luther King and Gandhi and, "the body is a delicate and plastic instrument" is aligned with rather new research on the "plastic brain".

But the most powerful section for me has always been that of the image of the mind as a garden. It can be cultivated to bring forth a wonderful harvest of good actions or it can run wild and grow an abundance of weeds from the seeds blown into it from a variety of sources. The point being that we must be intentional about what we feed our minds. We have made many of those choices over the years in our family by eliminating commercial TV, filling our home with good books and choosing friends that stimulate our thinking about the world around us. Obviously there is much more we can do and re-reading this booklet encourages me to be more serious about what I feed my mind for, as James Allen reminds me, I will fall, remain or rise with my thoughts.

If you don't have your copy handy, or never had one, you can download a free pdf version on our website.


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Although As a Man Thinketh is James Allen best known work (and a fantastic one at that), if you're limiting yourself to only this book, you're missing out. Allen wrote a whole collection of great books, have a look:

Wow! Thanks for the reference. I had no idea James Allen was so prolific. I will definitely check out some of these. Wish I knew who I was thanking.

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