Project 7: Discussing Communication
Project 9: Your Attitude Towards Communication

Dominos Communication Pt 2

After discussing strategies for completing the domino exercise more effectively, we tried it again with a different sender, different receiver and, of course, a different arrangement to replicate.  But this time we are given a new rule to the game - the receiver can ask questions and the sender can answer.  Still no eye contact but now there is two-way communication.  It feels more like a discussion over the telephone this time and, for most of our pairings, the results are dramatically better.

So, two-way communication is much better than one-way. No real surprise there but why is it still so hard in our daily lives? In the next project we will get into a deeper discussion on this but for now, as I relive the experience, I am confronted with the realization that two-way communication can still fail if we are not good listeners. Back to the Listen card I have on my desk and wondering what went wrong at the AT&T store yesterday.

Funny how the lessons of AiA are all around me everyday. I don't want to let the AT&T rep off the hook entirely, but I know that I should have asked a few more questions at the end of our discussion before signing the agreement. If he had really listened to me, and I had asked a few more questions for clarification, I would not be stuck with a contract on my son's phone that I specifically told him we did not want. 


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