Unit One: Insights
Project 10: Missing Pieces of Life's Puzzles

The Missing Puzzle Piece

Moving into Unit 2, Attitude Awareness, which begins with a rather short, high energy activity.  Over the many years we have been conducting AiA, this activity has always been one of our favorites.  And, I will never forget the first time I had experienced it.  What a shock to learn the real objective of the "missing puzzle piece".  But more on that later.

The set up is simple.  Each table is given an envelope with the pieces to a simple children's puzzle.  The objective, we are told, is to put the puzzle together as fast as possible - a team effort.  The first team with a complete puzzle wins a great prize (usually a box of animal crackers).

Puzzle  A little music helps create the mood.  About 3 minutes into the activity most of the groups have the puzzle completed - all but one piece.  Then it is discovered that the "missing piece" is in the possession of one of the other groups.  What would you do in this situation?


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