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Audio Message 3: As One's Thinking Is

This short message provides a little background and history on the AiA program started by Bob Conklin in the late 1950's.  The title ties back to the James Allen monograph, As A Man Thinketh. Those simple concepts are the core and common thread of the program and worth reviewing over and over. I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to stray away from this powerful message.

And the message is certainly not new.  The earliest recordings, over 4000 years ago, come from the writings of a Hindu mystic - As one's thinking is, such one becomes. Of course modern brain science is helping us understand how this really works and how we can take more control over the process. It is a simple (?) process of rewiring the brain.  If life isn't working out so well, just do a little tweaking on those synapses and all will be well. Got your brain screw driver handy?

Bob's message, although way before current neuroscience, turns out to be very practical. He uses the metaphor of a camera and suggests that where we point our camera has a major impact on our attitude since it reflects our view of reality.  Unfortunately, popular media is no help in this regard. Susan often puts herself on a "news diet" just to reduce the effect of all the negativity reported there. In some of our AIA workshops, conducted in a modular format, we assign a positive news activity asking teams to bring back posters illustrating all the good in the world around them.

The idea relating the mind to a garden, as found in James Allen's text, is also quite appropriate.  We need to be the Master Gardener, planting seeds of optimism and hope and then tending them as they grow into strong beams able to support us when times get tough.  This is very much aligned with the work of Martin E.P. Seligman, the founder of the positive psychology movement at the University of Pennsylvania. His early book on the subject, Learned Optimism, could have been founded on AiA principles.  Funny how much of this program keeps popping up in current research and ancient wisdom.

Since this is a short audio message, listening to it on a regular basis is probably a good idea.


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