Project 18: Dynamics of Negative Attitudes
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Reminder Card: Dynamics of Positive and Negative Attitudes

We've conducted two exercises around this topic - one for Positive Attitudes and one for Negative Attitudes. To help participants remember the concept we add another card to the packet of reminder cards.  This one is merely a copy of the two charts - positive on one side and negative on the other. For me, the problem with this card is it's size. I have found that posting a copy of the chart from the participant book is better. As noted in previous posts, the challenge all day long is to be aware of the actual attitude you are holding in your mind at any moment. We are emotional beings, not rational beings. In fact, current brain research suggests that our emotions play a much bigger role in our decision making than we once thought. So, getting in touch with our emotions would seem to be the first step in tuning in to the nature of a thought.

Start with categorizing the feeling as positive or negative. From that point it should be much easier to assess the attitude that thought is generating. Then, as the charts and this small card suggest, we can follow the course of that thought into the behavior we are either exhibiting or about to exhibit and the result we are likely to get from the behavior.

Quite a simple process, really. But in practice not easy to carry out.

This reminder card is a good idea. The concepts are powerful. For me, I need a larger reminder.


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