Project 20: Self-Image Notes
Project 22: My New Self-Image

Project 21: Helping Others Get a Bigger Picture of Themselves

I know it has been a while since I posted. Procrastination is something I need to deal with and it will come up later in the program. But for now, I am back into the journey with an interesting exercise in which each member at my table took a turn sharing the self-image notes from project 20 and then getting feedback from the others in the group.

My views of my table mates:


Alice - bubbly and confident

Rosemary - sense of humor, confident, friendly, successful

Karen - confident, friendly, optimistic


Two notes I made as they described me were: wise and successful, and humble.


Obviously it makes one feel good when receiving positive affirmations of a self concept. But it also is a bit like looking in a mirror and trying to only focus on the positive aspects of what you see there, all the while knowing that the imperfections are a significant part of who you are as well. But the purpose of the exercise is to see things that others see in you that you may not see in yourself. A worthy exercise for sure since we all have a tendency to miss some of the positive aspects of our personalities and, once seen through the eyes of others we can, in fact, use this experience to get a bigger picture of ourselves. I have often seen people receive 360 feedback and be surprised that others rated them higher than they rated themselves on certain behaviors. My advice has been to look for specific examples of that positive behavior and then begin to own it. As I reflect on this AiA project I realize I need to do the same.



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