Project 21: Helping Others Get a Bigger Picture of Themselves
Project 23A/B: Honesty Test & Answers

Project 22: My New Self-Image

According to Bob Conklin, your self-image has probably been haphazardly developed over the years by a variety of experiences and accomplishments.  Rarely would anyone actually spend time thinking about self-image in a structured way, and yet is has a profound influence on our lives and the lives of those around us.

In the previous project each member of the group was the recipient of positive impressions others in the group have of them.  While this information was fresh, the next step was some quiet reflection and the writing of "My New Self-Image".  The idea is to continue working with this over weeks and months and letting it enhance the feelings you have of yourself.  I suspect that even those with a fairly strong, positive, self-image would benefit from such a practice.

It is fascinating to go back and read such a statement that was written years ago.  I realize I do struggle with self-image but find my statement to be a deep understanding of who I might be and, certainly, who I can be.  I also know that working with such an affirmation over time can bring the image into reality.  So, without any editing, this is what I wrote and what I will work with once again:

I am a mentor to others in my life.  My family, friends, and colleagues see me as someone they can trust.  I am accepting of others and they feel better about themselves when they are with me.  I am confident without being arrogant.  Humility is my strongest characteristic.

Of course, as I read this, I see many instances in my daily life of not living it out.  But I think the mere act of putting it in writing and reviewing it on a regular basis can change that significantly.  Awareness is the first step toward change.  And, every day is new beginning.


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