Vignette 4: Mutual Trust
Unit Two Divider Tab - Attitude Awareness: Principles of AiA

Unit Two: Insights

Once again participants pause and go back through their binder reviewing the projects and notes to find the big idea from the unit.  These are written on Post-It notes and placed on a flip chart for all to review.  At the end of the program these will be synthesized by one of the participants and reported to the group.

Big idea for me in this unit - our life is primarily controlled by our attitudes, or, the way we think.  I don’t know about other people, but I find I am aware of my thoughts most of the day.  Particularly when I am struggling with some issue in my life.  My behavioral style is one of thinking rather than acting.  While I know that all the behavioral styles have strengths and limitations, I am coming to the conclusion that my style may have more limitations than strengths, particularly when it comes to creating a fulfilling life,  My awareness of my thoughts often holds back actions because I continue to refine my thinking preparing for action which many times never comes - the opportunity has been missed.

I recently heard a quote by Martin Heidegger which has stayed with me and relates to the primary insight from this unit -

Every man is born as many men and dies as a single one. 

It is the accumulation of our thoughts, which drive our choices, that ultimately results in who we are.  So my insight for this unit, and required action, is - don’t just be aware of my thoughts; control them.


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