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Project 24: Personal and Professional Affirmations

Audio Message 5: Positive Affirmations

Following the previous post where I outlined the principles behind Adventures in Attitudes, this review of Bob Conklin's audio message on Positive Affirmations reinforces the power of words in programming our minds.  Bob begins this message with two mind pictures.  The first creates stress and anxiety - the story of being late for an appointment and not being able to find our car keys.  The second creates a feeling of serenity as he puts us on a pleasant beach where we are relaxed and happy.  If you have never experienced the power of a mind-picture you should really give it a try. What this teaches us is how easily our minds transform words into a physical experience.

Taken to the next level, we see how our self-talk becomes our reality. Almost unknowingly we are programming our minds all day long with the words we use to talk about ourselves and others. Bob calls the negative messages Mind Binders. Statements such as "I just can't remember names" or, "math was never my strong suite", inhibit us. On the other hand, we can choose "power words" or, what we call "positive affirmations". The title of the next unit is Self-Confidence and it will take us deeper into the world of affirmations.

In this audio message Bob teaches a method of what we would now call meditation or mindfulness in which we take ourselves into a state of relaxation and then use affirmations to program our minds. I admit that I have yet to make this a discipline but i have tried it enough to know that it is powerful. Just changing the words I use when thinking about myself, a project, or a relationship can make a big difference in how I act. 

Bob suggests we take control of our self-talk and use statements that focus on the positive aspects of who we ARE (or aspire to be) and what we CAN do instead of who we are not and what we cannot do. The words to take away from this are I AM and I CAN. Simple, but effective.


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